DA Human Mechanics

Dan at DH Human Mechanics makes some of the funniest and most engaging videos I think you’ll ever find in the world of Sports Therapy. 

Dan was looking for some assistance to create a simple but bold video introduction to match his new branding in 2020. 

We provide DA Human Mechanics with a couple of options to use. 

Now, we’ll be the first to admit that video effects are not something we would class as our core marketing skill. Normally video production is something we leave in the very capable hands of Craig Charters Cinematography. Craig gave me access to his dropbox of goodies and left me to my imagination!

With the COVID-19 lockdown in full swing, we were adamant we would use the time to learn some new skills and discovering Adobe Affects was a fantastic experience.

We are pretty happy with these mockups for DA Human Mechanics and look forward to seeing them on their new videos.


DA Human Mechanics


Sports Physiotherapy Injury and rehabilitation.