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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency In Cumbria

Search Engine Optimisation is the method of perfecting your website to appear organically in search results (SERPs) for Google and Bing.

SEO involves making your website as Google and user-friendly as possible, so you appear higher in the search results. There are thousands of agencies out there offering SEO services, some not as legitimate as other. We aim to provide you with the most open, comprehensive service out there.

How Can Search Engine Optimisation Help Me?

We provide a cost effective SEO services aimed at helping your website appear in Google search results for an effective ROI. Targeting competitive keywords that we will develop a comprehensive strategy that prioritises ranking.

There’s no guarantee you’ll rank number one in a week, anyone who says they will are lying. However we will develop a comprehensive strategy to target your chosen keywords and work towards improving your SEO results. We will focus purely on what is important to your business and help drive the ROI to help you succeed.

SEO Services

In our experience, guesswork takes up valuable time, resources and money, and always carries the risk of not getting the desired result. We’ve been down this road before!

For that reason, we prefer to take the data-driven route to success. We’ve delve into your target audience, your current website data, industry trends and use them to create a strategic SEO approach. 

We use industry standard tools, like Google’s Search Console, Screaming Frog, Ahefs and Google Analytics, we are able to eliminate the guesswork and save you time and money.

Backlinks remain the number one ranking factor for SEO. If you are attempting to rank a site without links, start again! You need high-powered, relevant links to boost your website to the top of Google.

Our affordable SEO services start with a complete overview of your backlink profile. We’ll tell you where your current links are coming from, how relevant they are and which links are toxic and need removed.

Next, we’ll perform outreach and develop a list of backlinks that are perfect for your company & work with you to help you website grow.

Google needs to crawl your website, index your content and deem it relevant to secure a place in the search results. On-site optimisation helps speed up the process and improve your rankings.

Our on-site SEO strategy involves revisiting and rewriting your content with relevant keywords and phrases, improving your internal linking so that your most important content gets the attention it deserves. While doing this we also work toward making it as reader friendly for your users, improving the user experience as well!

Having great content allows you to share it with influencers, bloggers and news outlets who can promote it for you. We’ll work with you to identify the best options for your industry and perform PR and networking to get your content distributed across these channels.

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