Are Facebook Email Marketing Tools about to become a thing?

Facebook Email Marketing Tools

It’s 2020, the world is completely upside down and businesses are clamouring to be seen. Many already have email marketing strategies in place and are using the staples of Mail Chimp, Campaigns Monitor, Constant Contact and the millions of others readily available. Could Facebook be about to turn email marketing on it’s head?

Facebook has confirmed with AdWeek that it is testing its new Facebook email marketing tool for pages with a small number of small & medium sized businesses! 

The tool lets businesses create email contact lists from spreadsheets (or manually entry if anyone boths with that nowadays) via ‘easy to use tools’ and send those emails directly from the Facebook platform. Naturally it will also provide all the tracking techniques we’ve come to love.

“We’re testing new email marketing tools with a small number of businesses to help them more efficiently notify their customers of changes to their services and operations. We’re evaluating whether these tools are beneficial for people and businesses before deciding whether to expand it further."

How to check if you are selected for the trial.

If your one of the lucky people who gets to test it you can find it in your Facebook Page inbox tab under ‘Marketing Emails’. 

Screenshots courtesy of Coffey & Tea.

What does this mean for Facebook?

It’s too early to tell, but this test is certainly an interesting move for Facebook. As one of the premium data agencies in the world, combining your email data and campaigns could have some huge benefits. It’s easy to see Facebook becoming a dominant player in the email campaign market, outstripping the current big players.

Speculating, it may be possible to start running both email and display campaigns directly from Facebook, allowing businesses to send emails when users are known to be active on the platform. combining email and Facebook data could allow for distribution when users are in certain locations, active online or looking at particular content at that very moment. 

It would be nice to see some cross integration too with Facebook ads. You may already to set up separate Facebook campaigns that compliment your email campaigns but taking it a step further and providing full integration based on audience interactions has huge potential.